KittyCat Canvas

Enhance the windows to your soul


Flirty Eyelash Extensions

Kinky Kitty Volume Set

Light synthetic eyelash extensions crafted into a bouquet and placed upon each of your natural lashes for that intensified yet natural look.

Natural Eyelash Extensions

Sexy Kitty Classic Full Set

Individual synthetic lashes placed one by one to enhance your natural lashes.

Dramatic Eyelash Extensions

Kinky Kitty Dramatic

Bring out your inner Diva with the mega volume.

Bold Eyelash Extensions

Notice Me Senpai

Great for events, holidays, or just because you're awesome like that. Colors are limited so ask first for availablity.

I take pride in my craftsmanship and strive for excellence. High quality Eyelash extensions and renovating damaged Lashes is what I am known for.

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Cat is an artist with 8+ years experience as an esthetician and 6+ years as an eyelash extension expert. She is known for her specialty with lash renovations, facials requiring tedious blackhead removals, unfiltered honesty, and a firm belief that quality and integrity should never be sacrificed.



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Quality Eyelash Extensions

Whether you are planning for your special day or simply desire to look good, you can count on me.

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